SGEnergy has developed systems to improve the energy efficiency of coastal desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial plants worldwide by allowing the plants to generate clean renewable energy from their waste stream. The apparatus, patented as the Hydrocratic Generator, is placed at the outflow line of the coastal plant and captures the energy generated by the mixing of salt water and fresh water or the mixing of brine and salt water and returns this clean, green power to the plant for baseline power needs.

The design of the Hydrocratic Generator is simple and flexible allowing for use in many environments. The components of the device are readily available. The Hydrocratic Generator produces clean energy without the use of offsite power sources. It does not use hydrocarbons and does not create carbon dioxide. The source of the power is 1.4% of the energy of the sun that is used to separate H20 from NaCl in the evaporation process of oceanic waters. The patent offices of the United States and of Japan have agreed that the Hydrocratic Generator is not a perpetual motion machine.

This energy is generated continuously as long as fresh and salt water or brine and salt water are flowing through the device. The generator also assists in the disposition of wastewater and brine from desalination facilities, wastewater treatment plants, or industrial plants by bringing the salt content closer to that found naturally in the ocean.

It may be possible that a Hydrocratic Generator can be added to an existing desalination plant. This is dependent upon the physical characteristics of the exisiting desalination plant and the physical characteristics of the surrounding area.

This energy generated is called salinity gradient energy and is comparable to wave energy with estimated power available in the range of 2,000 TWh/annum where TW is terra watt or one trillion watts. We envision a system designed with input from offshore engineers that have extensive experience in structural design.

To date, SGEnergy has tested the concept, run computational fluid dynamic analysis on early model test results, expanded and modified the device based on empirical results and field tested the device at docks. SGEnergy received the patent on the Hydrocratic Generator on May 3, 2016 from the US Patent Office.


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Patent No.: US 9328,624 B2 issued May 3, 2016